Kids & Kameras was created as an exchange learning program for non-profit outreach organizations and professional artists. Over the ten years of my extensive experience teaching photography in non-profit arts organizations and in institutional academia settings, there was a need for the two to connect and to physically overlap.

At the time when moving from analog to digital workshops I had ask questions such as, "How does digital media change the way we share stories? How have the means and modes of contemporary documentary practices shifted? Who has access, agency and to what? Who is our audience? What are the modes of distribution? Does location matter?"

Kids & Kameras was initiated with a three week photographic workshop just outside of Freetown in Sierra Leone, Africa in collaboration with the All As One orphanage. With the help of numerous donations, fundraising, Samy's Camera of Los Angeles, and numerous volunteers, the Helping Others Worldwide team packed up our digital cameras, a portable printer(and inks), a wide range of art supplies, and we created art, shared stories, tried new experiments in media practices, made a book together, and experienced the essence of exchange learning.

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